At some point in almost every NCAA Tournament, order is restored. Sure, there are always the upsets, the Cinderella stories, the scrappy underdogs, but they usually are succumbed to more talented teams by the 2nd round.  The Lex, Buds, & Pick ‘n Roll Restaurant Bracket has no signs of slowing down the upsets, as 7 of the 16 matchups of the second round were won by the lower seed.  Brandon and I widdled down the field from 32 to 16 in Episode 18 of the podcast, which you can listen to here.  We dedicated this episode to Sebastian Bach, the former lead singer of Skid Row whose biggest hit was “18 and Life” which peaked at No. 4 on the US Billboard charts.


On the same album as “18 and Life” was another of Skid Row’s biggest songs, “Piece of Me”, which should be used on every commercial for Cheesecake Factory…”You better hurry, and get a piece of me.”

If you are too busy to listen to the entire podcast, you can just read the summary below in which I have broken the 2nd round matchup into 3 categories:  Chalk, Close Calls, and Upsets.


These matchups featured the higher seed continuing their dominant performances from the first round.  All of these teams appear to be serious Final Four contenders. 

  • #1 McDonald’s over #8 Arby’s
  • #1 Chick-fil-A over #8 Steak & Shake
  • #4 Fazoli’s over #5 Burger King
  • #6 Hardee’s over #14 Little Caesars
  • #5 Shake Shack over #13 Red Robin
  • #2 Cane’s over #7 Jimmy John’s
  • #2 Chipotle over #10 Papa John’s

Close Calls

These were the matchups where the higher seed survived, but took a huge scare and had to go to a tiebreaker. 

  • #2 Texas Roadhouse over #7 Sonic: It appeared that Texas Roadhouse was defeated.  After a split vote from Brandon and I, we made a phone call to a listener to break the tie. And they chose Sonic. I chose my one “veto” to put it up for vote on our Facebook page, and the fans came through for me!  With a resounding 92% of you going with Texas Roadhouse.  This was the equivalent of a March Madness came having a big call reversed after the referees go to the monitor.  Thankfully, just like in those cases, the right decision was made.
  • #1 Taco Bell over #8 Five Guys: Five Guys is the team that does one thing well, and continues to do it over and over again.  They are the Princeton offense. They will back-door you to death until you find a way to stop it.  Taco Bell was able to stop it just in time to hang on for another close win. 


1980 US Hockey, Buster Douglas, Maryland-Baltimore County. They all have nothing on these upsets. 

  • #5 Domino’s over #4 Burger King: Once a laughing-stock, Domino’s coach rebuilt his team from scratch and now they are headed to the Sweet 16.  Burger King couldn’t hold the lettuce, or the ball, as they had too many careless turnovers.
  • #14 Panda Express over #11 Moe’s: Joey Bag of Donuts attempted to carry his team for a second straight game, but fell just short.  My fortune says I should have bet on Panda Express.
  • #10 Cheddar’s over #2 Starbucks: Starbucks played an easy schedule and was never tested during the regular season.  This came back to bite them in a Venti way.
  • #6 Zaxby’s over #3 Wendy’s: What else can we say? Zaxby’s was zhooting the lights out. They zcored at will.  They were zuper, zcintilating, and zensational.
  • #8 Culver’s over #1 Outback: The biggest upset of the 2nd round, Outback is the first #1 seed to lose.  Outback will look forward to next season in which they have many talented underclassmen who will be blooming into starting roles.
  • #5 Cheesecake Factory over #4 Panera: Panera just simply charged too much in this game.  That’s right, they were called for a dozen charging calls.
  • #6 Qdoba over #3 Olive Garden: I am still very salty over this one.  Olive Garden should have won. They had a huge lead but Qdoba just continued to chip away and OG seemed to have a never-ending amount of poor decisions. 

Here is the bracket as it now stands: 

Tune in next week for Episode 19 to find out who makes the Elite 8 and which matchups will be put out to you, the fans, to vote on.  Please give us a like on Facebook, or a follow on Twitter (@lexbuds). We would love to hear from you so you can tell us how we have no taste in food and have the pallets of a 12 year old.