Well, Cinderella had a good run.  For two rounds of the Lex, Buds, & Pick ‘n Roll Restaurant Bracket, the underdog ruled.  Little Caesars knocking off Waffle House; Moe’s toppling White Castle; and Panda Express becoming the surprise of the tournament.  But as the Sweet Sixteen turned into the Elite 8, the true kings of the restaurants took their rightful place upon the Iron Throne.  Of the 8 matchups this week, 6 were won by the higher seed.  All 6 of which were a #1 or #2 seed.  

In case you missed Episode 19 of the podcast, which was dedicated to country singer Mark Wills and his nostalgic hit “19 Somethin’”, 4 matchups were unanimously decided upon during the show and 4 matchups were later determined by popular vote on our Lex, Buds, & Pick ‘n Roll Facebook page.  If you aren’t following us, please go like our page now so you can make sure to participate in the voting for the Elite 8 round. Go ahead, I’ll wait….Got it?  Good!

Without further ado, here is recap of all the action!

I wonder what the lyrics would be for 2020?  It was Two-thousand twenty somethin’ in the world I was quarantined in. 

  • #1 McDonald’s defeats #5 Domino’s. Domino’s must have grimaced on Selection Sunday when they saw they were in McDonald’s bracket.  Not much debate here, McD’s is just simply better, and would not be hamburglar-ed out of this matchup.
  • #2 Texas Roadhouse defeats #14 Panda Express. We put this one up for vote on Facebook, and it was a complete bloodbath.  No, seriously.  This was Carrie getting doused in pigs’ blood at the high school prom bad. 
  • #1 Chick-fil-A defeats #4 Fazoli’s. Chicken parme-gone.  Am I right?  But seriously, these 2 teams should not have had to face each other so soon. This was an Elite 8/Final 4 matchup.  An unfortunate draw for Fazoli’s who could have made a deeper run in another bracket.
  • #10 Cheddar’s defeats #6 Hardee’s. The vote for this one was extremely close, but in the end, Cheddar’s pulled away.  As a 10-seed, Cheddar’s is the highest remaining seed in the tournament. Coincidentally, it also has the highest average age of customers remaining in the tournament. 
  • #1 Taco Bell defeats #5 Shake Shack. This one was not even close. Our Facebook fans really showed their support for Taco Bell, and their dislike for $8 hamburgers.  It was another bloodbath. No, seriously.  This was the scene in The Shining when blood pours out of the elevator into the hallway of the Overlook Hotel bad.
  • # 2 Cane’s defeats #6 Zaxby’s. Chicken, chicken, chicken, which restaurant you pickin?  Everything Zaxby’s does well, Cane’s does just a little bit better.  It’s similar to that one summer where Deep Impact and Armageddon both came out in the theaters. Both were good asteroid movies, but Armageddon was just superior in every aspect
  • #8 Culver’s defeats #5 Cheesecake Factory. I’m still not sure how Cheesecake Factory made it this far.  Both places are known for their outstanding dairy products, but the cheese curds trump the cheesecake in this one.
  • #2 Chipotle defeats #6 Qdoba. The Battle of the Burritos.  Of all of the matchups we have put up online for voting, this was by far the closest one. Some people had strong opinions, others were completely torn and couldn’t decide.  Despite the huge advantage in their queso, Qdoba could not take down the fresh ingredients of Chipotle and their side of E. coli. 

Here is a look at how the bracket now stands: 

This sets up some colossal matchups in the Elite 8.  Make sure you subscribe to our podcast so that you don’t miss us break down these matchups on next week’s show:

McDonald’s vs. Texas Roadhouse

Chick-fil-A vs. Cheddar’s

Taco Bell vs. Cane’s

Culver’s vs. Chipotle

I’m getting hungry just thinking about it…