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Lexbuds LogoThe Lex, Buds & Pick N’ Roll Podcast Show is based in Lexington, KY and began airing its first episodes in April of 2020. The show promises humorous commentary, honest callouts and witty points of view on UK Sports, Kentucky & national news, pop culture and all things that matter to the citizens of the Commonwealth. The voice of every average fan and Joe in the Bluegrass.

The Lex, Buds & Pick N’ Roll Podcast Show is broadcast weekly and is available on most all popular podcast providers including Spotify, Apple, Anchor and many others. Full video of each show is available as well. Visit our podcast page for the most recent episode and to browse previous episodes. And…as always… Stay classy Kentucky!

Tyler Bentley

Tyler was born and raised in the heart of Appalachia in Whitesburg, Kentucky.  As a graduate of Whitesburg High School, Tyler served as the human victory cigar on the 2002 14th Region Champion Yellowjacket basketball team, and also played tennis. 

After completing his Bachelor and Master Degree’s from Eastern Kentucky University, he spent 8 years teaching middle and high school social studies in the Letcher, Fayette, and Clark County Public School Systems.  Tyler is a registered independent.

 “As co-founder of Lex, Buds, and Pick & Roll, I hope that my perspective of being a former athlete, teacher, and coach can bring our audience a unique insight to all things UK sports.  I also hope to bring my expertise in history to provide context to current social and political issues going on in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”


Brandon Boyd PortraitBrandon Boyd

I was born and raised in the 606 – Whitesburg, KY to be more specific. I played sports for the Whitesburg Yellowjackets. As an avid Kentucky Wildcat fan from early childhood, I had visions of tying up the old shoe laces for Rick Pitino and Tubby Smith. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out.

What did work out was I graduated from UK, married my high school sweetheart, had two amazing kids, and have enjoyed a very successful sales career. I enjoy every minute of life, especially those days when UK is playing. I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective on all things UK sports and the news that impacts Kentuckians on a daily basis.

I’m a registered independent and like to play devil’s advocate on just about any issue just for the heck of it. Hopefully, this will make for a better experience for our followers of the podcast and website. Stay classy, Kentucky!