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Our Mission Statement

Humorous commentary and witty points of view on UK Sports, Kentucky news, and all things that matter to the citizens of the Commonwealth.  We want to be the voice of every average fan and Joe in the Bluegrass.

Here are some of the burning questions you may have about our site and podcast. Here we go…

Who are you?

Easy. We are two buds (first cousins) who live in Lexington, and we have opinions on a wide range of topics. We are both proud graduates of the now abandoned Whitesburg High School.  We love Kentucky, Kentucky sports, politics, music, movies, and many of the same things all of you enjoy. The only difference is we invested money into recording our thoughts. That’s it. We are a reflection of the people of Kentucky. We have different opinions. We will not agree on everything. However, at the end of the day, who does? What doesn’t change is that we respect each other’s opinion as well as yours. 

Orange and Blue in your logo… really?  Is this some sort of Florida sports page?

Slow down. No, we are not a Florida sports outlet. First, blue is a must as we have been University of Kentucky sports fans our whole lives. Our hearts broke when Laettner hit ‘the shot.’ My first live UK football game was watching Heath Shuler and the Tennessee Volunteers destroy us 49-0. It was freezing cold outside that day with snow on the bleachers, and I watched until the final horn sounded. I heard Rocky Top play no less than 50 times that game.  And yet, I persisted. So, no, we are not a Florida fan site.

Secondly, we both graduated from Whitesburg High School. We proudly wore the black and orange of the Whitesburg Yellowjackets. You heard me. I said we wore orange, and we were the Yellowjackets. And, sure, you’re thinking “man, who in the world makes the school color orange if the mascot is supposed to be yellow?” Well, I don’t have a good answer for that. However, I always liked to think it was all part of the psychology of playing us growing up.  People would be so distracted by the complete ridiculousness of the orange Yellowjacket that they weren’t sure if we were all crazy or what. I’m sure this got us a win or two over the years.  As least that’s what I’m telling myself.

There you have it.  Blue for the cats and orange for the Yellowjackets. Maybe we should have added yellow, too. Or, would that be too confusing?

Why should we listen to you?

Our opinion is worth exactly what you pay for it:  ZERO. However, if you want a fresh perspective from differing points of view, then give us a try. We are just two lifelong friends who like to hang out and talk sports, politics, news, and everything else in between. That’s all.  We want to be a reflection of what Kentuckians are really feeling or thinking. We don’t sugarcoat things. If we lose a game, we get frustrated, and we’ll talk about it. If things need to be called out, whether it be sports or any number of topics, we will do it without fear of wondering what our friends in those arenas have to say. We will remain an independent voice for the people of Kentucky. Come hang out with us on our site, or join us on the podcast. Send us some comments on social media. Your voice is our voice.

Does this site and show only do positive, fluff content pieces on UK sports?

The word “fluff” is not allowed on our website nor our podcast. And, no, you won’t see those. Are we UK fans?  Yes. However, many in the media are afraid to come down hard on those in sports leadership because of personal relationships with those folks. We, on the other hand, have no interest in having a “Did we just become best friends?”moment ala StepBrothers with any of these folks.  Our views are our own, and we don’t want to self censor ourselves because we are afraid of being disinvited from the mainstream media press box.

Do you guys just to stick to sports?

 Do you?

What other topics will you cover?

Whatever you are talking about. Whatever is impacting Kentuckians today. Whatever will keep you entertained on your best or worst day. 

What credentials do you have to do a podcast and run a website?

Last time I checked, we live in ‘merica.  And we’re ‘mericans.  That’s it.

What if I am offended by any of your posts, comments, or opinions?

 Please send those comments to me, and I will store them in my special filing cabinet under my desk.

What is the meaning of life?

 I’ll get back with you.