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August 30th, 2020

Student-Athletes Make Their Voices Heard At “Let Them Play” Rally In Frankfort

Our own Lexbuds road crew was onsite at the state capital this past Tuesday to cover the hundreds of student-athletes, coaches, parents and supporters who rallied in support of the “Let Them Play” movement. We have exclusive interviews from some of the youth and their supporters as they fight to make their voices heard in this ongoing debate.

June 28, 2020


Our own Lexbuds road crew paid a visit to Fayette County’s only polling station setup at Kroger Field. What did primary voters have to say about the voting setup in Lexington? What items were given away in line for free? 

June 23, 2020


In our interview with KY 94th District Rep. Angie Hatton, we find out what its like to win as a democrat in a district that voted 80% for Trump. She also discusses her best/worst days campaigning, her thoughts on the Booker vs. McGrath democratic senate primary and issues affecting her fellow Eastern Kentuckians. 


JUNE 7, 2020


By: Brandon Boyd

Do you remember what the WHO, CDC, and our government leaders had to say about the coronavirus outbreak when it began? Do you remember the reactions from media during the entirety of the pandemic? Watch the following timeline video below and you may be shocked to see just how our leaders and experts “maneuvered” their way through the coronavirus pandemic (in their own words). 

Warning: No political party is safe so please watch at your own risk. 

May 26th, 2020


By: Tyler Bentley

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy once said that, “Southerners are as smart as anybody else in this country.  Our only problem is we just can’t keep the most ignorant amongst us off the television.”  Having spent my entire life living in the state of Kentucky, I have found this to be true time and time again.  Kentucky is filled with many educated, kind, hard-working, and forward-thinking people.  However, it always seems that for every one-step forward we take as a state, someone comes along to take us two-steps back

Yet, for the past couple of months Governor Beshear’s Coronavirus plan has been praised by US News & World Report, CNN, NPR, and countless other media outlets across the country.  For once, the country looked upon Kentucky as, dare I say, progressive?  I should have known that we would not be able to tolerate the limelight for very long, as this past week produced two stories making national headlines for all the wrong reasons. One involving a disgusting display of protest that included a hanging effigy of Governor Beshear, and the other an eye-raising headline of alcohol, hazing, and nudity involving the University of Kentucky’s cheerleading team.  One step forward, two steps back…

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May 7th, 2020

Closed For Business, Open For Debate

By: Brandon Boyd

The impact of Governor Beshear’s statewide business shutdowns reach far and wide. Lexbuds spoke with three local business owners to gain their perspective on the current situation and have them tell their story in their own words.

Here’s what we found…

April 17th, 2020

Andymania:  Whatcha Gonna Do Brother, when you’re not social distancing, and Kentucky’s Governor runs wild on you!

By: Tyler Bentley


Andy Beshear, Sex Symbol?

Merriam-Webster defines oxymoron as a combination of contradictory or incongruous words.  We all learned about them in school:  jumbo shrimp, bittersweet, passive aggressive, deafening silence. All examples of words that seem to contradict each other, but when put together create a unique phrase that seems to make total sense.  Two months ago, the words Andy Beshear and sex symbol could not have been more contradictory…

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April 16th, 2020

Protesters Make Their Voices Heard in Frankfort

By: Brandon Boyd

A group of demonstrators made their way to Frankfort on Wednesday to protest Governor Beshear’s executive order closing many local businesses in Kentucky. We have compiled the details and video of the days events to give more insight into the protest.  Who’s right?  Who’s wrong?  You decide.

The following interviews and protest footage is from our own Lexbuds road crew.

April 12th, 2020

Follow The Leader:  Pews, Police, and Power at Maryville Baptist Church

By: Brandon Boyd 

Waking up at 7:30am Easter morning in Lexington I wasn’t really sure what the day had in store for me.  I’m stuck in the house all day. Nothing is open. No church services are happening. Then, I remembered there is the Maryville Baptist Church in Louisville that decided to continue with Easter service despite the recent executive order from Governor Andy Beshear. So, what do I do? Easy. Get dressed, hop in the car, and take in some of the sights from the day. On the 75 minute drive to Louisville I kept wondering if Governor Beshear would follow up on his threat to use Kentucky State Police to enforce his executive order.

Did Governor Beshear take things too far? If you were governor, would you close down church service as well? People across the Commonwealth are breaking into their respective camps on this issue and following their respective leader.