2021 Episodes


Recorded: May 16th, 2021

Topics Include: Sports: TyTy Picks UK!, KY Derby scandal  News: KY Gov. Beshear follows CDC, KY lottery vaccine, gas shortage, school grading scale  Pop Culture: Idol controversy, best viral video, R&R hall of fame  Special Segment: The next round of our tournament of the best KY players in the Coach Cal era!

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Recorded: May 9th, 2021

Topics Include: Sports: Breaking Derby News, Coach K & Chin arrive, sharpshooter commits  News: KY Lt. Gov. helps friends, Gov. Beshear cuts loose, Mitch McConnell controversy, Ohio Sen. Zoom Call  Pop Culture: Snow White backlash, Reality TV in Lexington  Special Segment: The next round of our tournament of the best KY players in the Coach Cal era!

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Recorded: May 2nd, 2021

Topics Include:  Sports: KY Derby, a 5-star decommits, UK in the NFL draft, Steve Kerr Rants  News: Gov. Beshear’s Mask Mandate, KY census, NYC reopens  Pop Culture: Walmart vs. Kanye, Warrants for Late Fees?, Cousin Eddie Governor  Special Segment: We begin our tournament of the best KY players in the Coach Cal era!

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Recorded: April 25th, 2021

Episode 52 Topics Include: Sports: Terrence Clark, coaching exodus, UK volleyball champs, UK players not in mock draft  News: Rep. Hal Rogers fined, FCPS shaming students?, boycotting Home Depot  Pop Culture: We spin our “Wheel of Stupid Topics” yet again!

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Recorded: April 18th, 2021

Episode 51 Topics Include: Sports: Baylor Wins!, UK guard anger, NCAA Rules Change, Football Recruits.  News: Gov. Beshear vaccine protest, UK acceepts 500k students, easy voting, UK hospital security. Pop Culture: Stimulus check savings, Disney dress code, ketchup shortage?, and we finish up with our candy bar showdown!

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Recorded: March 28th, 2021

Episode 50 Topics Include: New UK recruit, East KY floods, UK gunman, stealing girl scouts cookies and free Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

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Recorded: March 21st, 2021

Episode 49 Topics Include: Sports: NCAA Round 1, Swaggy Coach Cal, Boston/Clarke gone. News: Biden is trippin, sexist weights?, Mitch McConnell’s threat, to-go drinks law. Segment 3: We have fun and continue our candy bar “sweet” 16 tourney!

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Recorded: March 14th, 2021

Episode 48 Topics Include: Sports: The UK/Miss St. game, basketball final thoughts, no spring football game. News: Insulting police, Pepe Le Pew cancelled, the covid stimulus package, and for fun in segment 3 we continue our candy bar “sweet” 16 tourney! 

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Recorded: March 9th, 2021

Episode 47 Topics Include: SEC tourney, Reed Shepherd, Dr. Seuss Cancelled, Gov. Beshear sues citizens?, bus driver pay and more!

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Recorded: February 28th, 2021

Episode 46 Topics Include: Sports: UK/FL game recap, 72 team tourney?, McDonald’s All-Americans News: 500k Covid Deaths, McConnell Quotes, School Board Resigns, Unemployment $$ Return  Pop Culture: We start our candy bar sweet 16 tourney!

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EPISODE: 45   

Recorded: February 21st, 2021

Episode 45 Topics Include: Sports: UK’s victory over TN, Mintz coming back?, Cal breaks the rules, Duke star is out.  News: Ted Cruz’s trip, Rush Limbaugh passes, TX mayor in trouble, “The Rock” president? Pop Culture: We reveal our most hated bands!

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Recorded: February 14th, 2021

Episode 44 Topics Include: Sports: A look at the UK/Auburn game, Terrence Clark out, top teams not in the top 25, 4 star WR transfer. News: Trump acquitted, unemployment audit, no national anthem, Larry Flynt dies and for fun in the final segment we look at the top childhood movies that scarred us.

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Recorded: February 7th, 2021

Episode 43 Topics Include: The debut of a new song about UK basketball by the Lexbuds! News: The CDC and school safety, Screech Passes Away, New Teacher Retirement, UK Frat break in, A $350 child tax credit?  Sports: UK basketball trainwreck, Reed Sheppard, plus the Super Bowl.

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Recorded: January 30th, 2021

Episode 42 Topics Include: News: Gov Beshear impeached?, D.C. Statehood, Robin Hood app/Gamestop scandal, wearing 2 masks. Sports: Coach Cal & KY basketball’s woes, KY sportsman of the year, EKU moving? plus we take a look at the KY 2021 football schedule.

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Recorded: January 23rd, 2021

Episode 41 Topics Include: The Cats get a victory, Will there be an SEC Tourney?, Was Coach K a Jerk?, Internet Restrictions, Gov. Beshear’s Vetoes, Trump’s Diet Coke Button, and in a fun and entertaining segment 3, we end with our 90’s Family Sitcom Draft!

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Recorded: January 16th, 2021

Episode 40 Topics Include: Is Kentucky’s basketball season over? Kneeling Players, Wan’Dale Robinson, Smokers Vaccinated First?, Trump’s Social Network, Dixie Cups, and in a fun segment 3 we spin our infamous “Wheel of Stupid Topics”.

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Recorded: January 9th, 2021

Episode 39 Topics Include: An analysis of the UK/Florida game, Keion Brooks Returns, The DC Riot, Trump’s Twitter Ban, Trump – Stay or Go?, Booing Players, and in our fun segment 3 – you will get our reaction to the new song from “bro” country act Florida/Georgia Line.

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Recorded: January 2nd, 2021

Episode 38 Topics Include: A UK basketball victory!, KY football’s bowl win, the return of Dontaie Allen, Lexington bomb scare, destroyed Covid vaccines, a Trump rally plus we finish with our infamous and fun  “Speak Your Piece” segment!

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Recorded: Dec. 26th, 2020

Episode 37 Topics: On this episode we discuss the best and worst of 2020, the UK/U of L game breakdown, UK falling behind in all-time wins?, the Cam Fletcher exit, the Nashville bombing, Mitch McConnell saves Trump, Covid bill drama, and even Kirk Cameron. 

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Recorded: Dec. 19th, 2020

Episode 36 Topics: Coach Cal on the hotseat, irrational hatred draft, the coronavirus vaccine arives in KY, Santa super spreader, Andy Beshear, Abe Lincoln cancelled, bid to blow up Trump, Tom Cruise’s tirade, and much, much more!

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Recorded: Dec. 12th, 2020

On Episode 35 we continue with our new and improved (and faster-paced) show format! Sports highlights include UK men’s basketball issues, Coack K’s (Duke) problems, and Kaepernick ice cream. Other topics include the ED medicine mixup, the coronavirus vaccine, aliens?, and for fun we spin ourWheel of Moral Dilemmas“. 

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Recorded: Dec. 5th, 2020

On Episode 34 we debut our new and much-improved show format! We have some fun with the latest news headlines, discuss the UK football and basketball games in sports, and finish with a fun and revealing segment where we discuss our favorite “guilty pleasures” songs. Don’t miss this episode! 

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Recorded: Nov. 29th, 2020

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Episode 33 highlights include a recap of the UK men’s basketball’s loss to Richmond and the football team’s loss to Florida, the female kicker for Vandy, the upcoming coronavirus vaccines, stranger things, Alex Trebek’s replacement and more.


Recorded: Nov. 22nd, 2020

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Episode 32 highlights include a recap of the UK football team’s brutal loss to #1 Alabama, Big Blue Madness, new statewide Covid restrictions and the best and worst Thanksgiving foods.


Recorded: Nov. 15th, 2020

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Episode 31 highlights include a recap of the UK/Vandy football game, Rick Pitino, the new coronavirus vaccine, Rex Chapman, the retirement of UK women’s head basketall coach Matthew Mitchell and more.


Recorded: Nov. 8th, 2020

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Episode 30 highlights include a preview of the upcoming Kentucky basketball season, a preview of the UK/Vandy football game, post-election results, Alex Trebek, favorite TV/movie presidents and more.


Recorded: Nov. 1st, 2020

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On Episode 29 the guys discuss the UK/GA game and the current state of KY football after yet another tough loss. Other topics include the Lexbuds’ 2020 election predictions, KY State Police training and they spin the always fun “Wheel of Stupid Topics“.


Recorded: Oct. 24th, 2020

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On Episode 28 the guys discuss Kentucky football’s disasterous showing against Missouri. Other topics include basketball recruiting, Halloween alternatives, Borat, and even Miley Cyrus.


Recorded: Oct. 18th, 2020

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On Episode 27 we discuss football glory and the thrashing that Kentucky football put on the ranked TN Volunteers. We even rub more salt into the wounds of TN fans by playing a hilarious audio piece of a disgruntled TN fan calling in to a local sports show. Other topics include the Lakers championship & Anthony Davis and Rajon Rondo, Covid-19, the Town Hall debates, a new Diehard movie (?), more pop culture and plenty of other fun to be had on this one.


Recorded: Oct. 11th, 2020

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On Episode 25 we discuss the UK/Miss State football game and preview Kentucky’s upcoming game with the Tennessee Volunteers. News topics include UK’s mandatory flu vaccination for students, the VP debate, Big Blue Madness, and we finish off with the always popular “Speak Your Piece” segment.


Recorded: Oct. 4th, 2020

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Episode 25 sports topics include a rundown of the heartbreaking UK football loss to Ole Miss – including an honest and blunt assessment of the huge blunders by AJ rose & Matt Ruffolo. We also preview the UK/Miss St. game. Other topics include President Trump and his covid diagnosis and the very cringeworthy Presidential debate.


Recorded: Sept. 26th, 2020

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Episode 24 topics include a rundown of the UK/Auburn football game, parties on the UK campus and Breonna Taylor. We also preview the upcoming UK/Ole Miss football game.


Recorded: Sept. 20th, 2020

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We’re literally all over the map on Episode 23. Topics include the a preview of the upcoming UK/Auburn game, KHSAA Commissioner Tackett’s declaration on cheerleaders, the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the UK bubble, kids on leashes, Trick or Treating during the pandemic, and even comments from our followers.


Recorded: Sept. 13th, 2020

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On episode 22 of the Lexbuds podcast we discuss the possibility of President Trump winning the nobel peace prize, the upcoming UK/Auburn football game, the Big Ten Conference and their about-face, the Emmy awards, and more. For a little fun we finish off with our restaurant bracket title match.


Recorded: Sept. 5th, 2020

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On episode 21 we watch our favorite clips from UK sports history. Other topics include the UK/Auburn football game, the KY derby and the state song controversy, and we end with our restaurant bracket final four showdowns.


Recorded: August 30th, 2020

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On episode 20 we discuss UK football’s newest commitment, UK hiring of Jai Lucas, Keion Brooks’ controversial reply plus we discuss the UK football team and the NBA’s controversial “walkouts” for BLM. In news…we cover the “Let Them Play” rally for youth sports held in Frankfort, the Amy McGrath rally in Lexington, plus Brandon unloads on Fayette County public schools superintendent Manny “Option D” Caulk. For fun we end the show with our popular restaurant bracket Elite 8 and more from the infamous “Speak Your Piece” section of the Mtn. Eagle newspaper.


Recorded: August 23rd, 2020

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On episode 19 we discuss  why UK men’s basketball keeps losing top recruits to Duke, the KY Derby without spectators, the UK football schedule (with our predictions) and Reds announcer Thom Brennaman’s big mistake. Finally, we continue to have some fun with our fast-food playoff bracket Sweet 16.


Recorded: August 16th, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

On episode 18 we discuss the possible fallout from UK associate coach Kenny Payne’s decision to leave KY and join the New York Knicks, Joe Biden’s democratic VP pick Kamala Harris, plus Tyler compares the Big 10 conference to a certain classic 80’s movie. Finally, we continue with our fast-food playoff bracket with the round of 32.


Recorded: August 9th, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

On episode 17 we ponder the question “What would Coach Cal do if associate coach Kenny Payne decided to leave” ? We also discuss the possibility of no college football season. For a little fun we reveal a hidden secret about our producer and we finish off with our fast food bracket round of 64.


Recorded: August 2nd, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

On episode 16 we discuss the SEC football schedule, Brandon gives a nickname to a certain Fayette Co. schools decision maker, and Tyler hates on EJ Montgomery (again). On the lighter side we also have our fast food bracket #1 seeds and we even discuss those mysterious seeds sent from China.  


Date: July 29th, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple , Spotify, Google

Despite being on vacation, the Lexbuds decided to drop yet another podcast episode for our listeners. In Episode 15 we discuss the newest state laws that took effect on July 15th in Kentucky and we spin the always fun “Wheel Of Stupid Topics” yet again. Tyler’s ketchup confession is also worth the listen all by itself.


Date: July 13th, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

In this episode we discuss the upcoming college football season, the KY mask mandate, the Washington Redskins name change, and even Kanye. Plus we have a little fun reading excerpts from the infamous “Speak Your Piece” section of the Whitesburg Mtn. Eagle newspaper!


Date: July 6th, 2020    Listen: Anchor, Apple SpotifyGoogle

In this episode we discuss the biggest pet peeves sent in from our listeners/followers and we talk about our own as well.  We also discuss Makur Maker‘s decision to spurn UK and play Bball at Howard University plus we discuss the craziness around school openings.

Episode: 12

Date: June 29th, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

Brandon takes the Buffalo Wild Wings hot trivia challenge. More juicy tidbits from the infamous “Speak Your Piece” section of the Mountain Eagle newspaper. We even manage to throw in a little sports news and discuss some current events.

Episode: 11

Date: June 22nd, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

We build our UK basketball presidential cabinet from the Pitino era forward. Who is our UK basketball President? Secretary of State? Secretary of Defense? We also interview KY State Rep. Angie Hatton and get her thoughts on winning as a democrat in Trump country. What was it like to campaign? What nickname does she hate? And, most importantly, we take a fun spin on the “Wheel of Stupid Topics” with Rep. Hatton. 

Episode: 10

Date: June 15, 2020

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On episode 10 the Lexbuds discuss the last minute surge of Charles Booker in his senate primary showdown with Amy McGrath,  watching Bball games at Rupp vs. at home and the need to change up the boring home crowd, the CHAZ insanity in Seattle, the confederate flag ban from NASCAR and once again…they spin the wheel of stupid topics

Episode: 9

Date: June 8th, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

On episode 9 the Lexbuds discuss Gov. Beshear vs. Trump in a bad week for photo ops, UK football head coach Mark Stoops marching with protesters in Lexington, more sports news, plus a hilarious segment on the infamous “Speak Your Piece” section of the Whitesburg Mtn. Eagle newspaper!

Episode: 8

Date: June 1st, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

On episode 8 the Lexbuds interview former UK football and NFL great Marty Moore! Discussions on the KY Protests, Elon Musk and the space launch and the resignation of the UK cheerleading coach. 

Episode: 7

Date: May 25th, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

Our thoughts on the UK cheerleading scandal. We go line by line reviewing the impossible CDC guidelines for children returning to school in the fall. Tyler tests Brandon’s incredible “Waynes World” movie knowledge. And,we spin the wheel of stupid topics yet again.

Episode: 6

Date: May 18th, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

Debate over money wasted on unused field hospitals in KY. The city of Whitesburg named as one of the top 25 mountain cities in the US. Going out to eat after Covid-19. One Lexbud got a rude awakening as a practice player for the UK Women’s Basketball team. The wheel of stupid topics returns and the Lexbuds debate important subjects such as would either of them last 30 seconds in the ring with Mike Tyson?

Episode: 5

Date: May 11th, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

Hear the Lexbuds’ hilarious take on the “Murder Hornets” invasion! Plus other topics such as KY Reopening for business, a Backstreet Boys vs. NSYNC debate, UK Basketball, really bad “B” horror movie taglines, and we introduce our newest addition to the show – the wheel of stupid topics!

Episode: 4

Date: May 4th, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

An interview with former UK basketball player Aminu Timberlake. He discusses the Laettner “stomp”, UK basketball, his recruitment by Rick Pitino, and he issues a challenge to Christian Laettner.

Episode: 3

Date: April 27, 2020    Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

UK basketball transfers, EJ Montgomery leaving for the NBA draft, KY Business protests, the best TV brothers.

Episode: 2

Date: April 20, 2020  Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

An exclusive Lexbuds in-depth podcast interview with former UK basketball Coach Billy Gillispie! Don’t miss this amazing interview!

Episode: 1

Date:  April 13, 2020  Listen: AnchorApple SpotifyGoogle

End of UK’s basketball season, being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, KY topics.